Wrinkle Wrap Up with Christie Brinkley Skin Care

“I am becoming sadly aware of the potential wrinkles around my eyes,” says the owner of the blog Haute Beauty Guide in her recent “Wrinkle Wrap Up” article.  She recognizes that dehydration is often the source of her wrinkles and … Continued

Look Your Best with Christie Brinkley Skincare

It’s no secret that Christie Brinkley Skin Care is simply amazing, but don’t just take our word for it! Marcia of Beauty Info Zone recently took the time to review Christie Brinkley’s Close Up Wrinkle Reducer. A fan of Christie … Continued

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care: For Every Woman!

Wiles Magazine is a publication for multi-cultural women to be seen and heard and it seeks to be a source of inspiration and information that provides multi-cultural women a platform and resources to help them lead well-balanced lives.  Wiles encouraged their … Continued

Get Fast Results with Christie Brinkley Skin Care: Close Up Wrinkle Reducer and Treatment

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How You Can Glow with Christie Brinkley Skin Care

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Christie Brinkley Skin Care: The Wait is Over!

Charlotte, from The Boomer Brief¸ says she couldn’t wait to try Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care.  “Christie’s multi-tasking collection works on softening fine lines and wrinkles while providing advanced sun protection to guard against future damage,” says Charlotte.  “From day … Continued