InStyle: Aging Backwards with Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care

“She hasn’t aged since National Lampoon’s Vacation,” says the recent “Rules for Aging Backward” article from InStyle.  “Now the 61-year old model with a 30-year-old’s complexion is launching an eight-piece skincare line…and spilling her secrets.” What is Christie’s best keep … Continued

Christie Brinkley at 61: What’s her Secret?

Christie Brinkley recently sat down with Redbook to discuss how she maintains her beauty at 61!  After discussing some beauty and makeup tips she was asked about her Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare line. “I wanted ingredients that are pure and … Continued

Harper’s Bazaar: Get Great Skin with Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care

Harper’s Bazaar has been the American women’s fashion magazine since 1867 and it named Christie Brinkley Skincare in a recent article exploring how women can achieve “great skin.” “Get one step closer to Christie Brinkley’s supermodel complexion with her new … Continued

Christie Brinkley: How Does She Do It?

There is no denying that Christie Brinkley looks awesome, for any age. But at 60, the long-standing CoverGirl looks better than ever! Brinkley accredits her graceful aging to diet, exercise, and a strict skincare regime. Diet: Brinkley has been a … Continued

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care on Trend

Dana Wood of The Robin Report wrote “Vegan is the New Black”, a feature piece discussing the growing “mainstreamization” of vegan and cruelty free products, using the Christie Brinkley Skincare line as an example. Like many celebrities, Christie Brinkley recently … Continued

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care and the New “60s”

Christie Brinkley has been on the cover of hundreds of magazines, and a CoverGirl for over 25 years. The mother of 3 has been admired for her all-American looks, and healthy life style, for years. Now, in her 60s, she … Continued

Christie Brinkley Says Cindy Crawford is “Perfect”

Christie Brinkley is often asked what the secret to her timeless beauty is at the age of 61, and her answer may surprise you. She says “A lot of the fact that I’m getting compliments…is that I’m sitting here right … Continued

Harper’s Bazaar Magazine features Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care

The February issue of Harper’s Bazaar Magazine (on sale now!) shares 15 secrets to great skin, including getting the Supermodel Glow using Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare! We may be biased, though – what do you think of Christie Brinkley Authentic … Continued

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care Meets Fashionista

  Fashionista writer, Eliza Brooke, says Christie Brinkley is an “incredibly well-kept 60-year-old” and Brooke was interested to learn about the Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare line. “The line is meant to protect against UVA and UVB rays, with a particular … Continued

Excitement about the Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care Line Continues…

The buzz surrounding Christie Brinkley’s Authentic Skincare launch continues to be seen in a number of media sources. A recent piece from InStyle (Getting Christie Brinkley’s Perfect Skin Just Got a Lot Easier) says Brinkley is a “bona fide beauty” … Continued