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Christie Brinkley Skincare Recapture 360 Anti Aging CreamRECAPTURE 360 Day + IR Defense:

This Recapture 360 Anti Aging Cream helps to activate the natural rejuvenation system already within your skin.  This anti aging skin care cream will help you to look younger, and to look younger faster. RECAPTURE 360 Day contains a unique mix of anti-oxidants and it is formulated with SPF 30. Together they fight both environmental pollutants on the skin and the harmful effects of the sun.



Christie Brinkley Skincare bio clock recapture 360 anti aging night creamRECAPTURE 360 Night 

The best time to replenish your skin is nightime!  Christie’s Recapture 360 Anti Aging Night Cream works with your body’s natural, nighttime bio clock, or “circadian rhythm,” to help the repair process already inherent in your skin.  This night time anti-aging cream can help to repair the effects of IR and UV sun damage, as well as other effects of aging.




Christie Brinkley Skincare face exfoliatorComplete Clarity Daily Face Exfoliator & Polish

Exfoliating is the best way to remove dead skin, but you can’t use most exfoiliators every day!  This face exfoilitator is a creamy scrub that is so gentle on your skin you can use it daily.  Complete Clarity exfoliates your skin with gentle – yet strong – exfoliating action.  It wil leave your skin moisturized, radiant, and refreshed.



Christie Brinkley Skincare best facial cleanserComplete Clarity Facial Cleanser

This is a unique facial cleanser that is formulated to help remove impurities from your face and to give you soft and smooth skin.  The deluxe moisture complex helps to take off foundation and eye makeup while supporting hydration into the skin.  Learn more about this gentle face wash.




Christie Brinkley Skincare Instant Wrinkle RemoverClose Up Instant Wrinkle Remover & Treatment

The Christie Brinkley product is the perfect eye cream for wrinkles.  This instant wrinkle remover can illuminate your skin and it will blur those imperfections.   In only two minutes it will tighten, and reduce, wrinkles and fine lines.




Christie Brinkley Skincare dark circles eye treatment bio copper complexRefocus Eye + IR Defense

This unique anti-aging product is a dark circles under eyes treatment that contains our innovative Bio-Copper Complex.  In one serum you find anti-oxidant protection and skin rejuvenation.  Both will lead you towards smoother, firmer, and more radiant skin around – and under – your eyes.




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An AUTHENTIC Voice in Skincare!
Christie Brinkley’s authentic personality radiates selfless and unassuming beauty. As a mother, entrepreneur, model, actress, activist, and artist, Christie’s approach to beauty is simple and clear: exercise, diet, world-class products and expert tips on how to use them.

After a career with access to leading scientists, Christie’s passion for anti-aging has led her to create Authentic Skincare, so she can share her secret with all women. Christie’s ultimate goal was to create the most incredible skincare products, so all women can recapture their youthful appearance while revitalizing and reversing signs of aging.

With Christie, You’re Covered…
A collaboration with leading cosmetic formulators and anti-aging scientists, led to the development of the Bio-Copper Complex +IR Defense; an anti-aging treatment complex that combines scientifically advanced ingredients to fight the signs of aging skin.

Full Spectrum UVA/UVB + IR Sun Protection…
As an integral member of the scientific advisory team, highly respected and sought-after cosmetic dermatologist and medical journalist Dr. Doris Day provided key formulation feedback throughout development.

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare is a breakthrough anti-aging skincare line that works to recapture your skin’s youthful appearance while revitalizing and reversing signs of aging. Christie’s products are designed to help improve problem skin, and protect against the full spectrum of damaging sun rays.

Sustainably Beautiful…
Authentic Skincare was designed with the environment in mind. Our beautiful products and packaging are inspired by natural sea glass and proudly created with ecological consciousness every step of the way.