Do You Need Anti-Pollution Skin Care Products?

Do You Need Anti-Pollution Skin Care Products?

Anti-pollution skincare products are of increasing interest in the health and beauty markets. So, is this just a trend or does it apply to you?


Before you answer this question, we must first ask exactly what anti-pollution skincare products are? These products are designed specifically to address the effects of air pollutants on the skin. The skin functions as a barrier between the environment and the body, and in doing so, it is susceptible to any of the smog, dirt, dust, toxins and free radicals in the air. Some of these chemicals can even be small enough to fit into pores and are the cause of inflammation and damage if absorbed deeply into the pores. Damage can be caused by depriving the skin of oxygen, creating irritation in the skin layers, or affecting collagen and elastin production. That’s where anti-pollution skincare products come in.


The products, themselves, are generally advertised as either restorative or preventative against the aging effects of pollution. Restorative products, like masks and cleansers, are designed to reverse damage previously done. Some examples of this include early-onset wrinkles, pigmentation changes, fine lines, and dehydration. Preventative products are used much like sunscreen, creating a barrier to protect the pores. They combat this damage by using serums and creams whose primary ingredients are antioxidants, such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C.


Next, who is at risk of exposure? Each person’s need for anti-pollution skincare products depends heavily on their daily environment and level of exposure that they have with polluted air. Urban areas are considered riskier, as well as industrial sites. Vehicle emissions are considered dangerous to the skin. It is also suggested that cooking and cleaning release harmful elements into the air that can contribute to premature aging. Additionally, smokers are considered at risk, given that they are directly exposed to toxin-rich air.


Alternatively, having a basic and consistent skincare regimen contributes to protecting your skin from pollution and aging. Cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and maintaining hydration as a regular practice is considered the foundation of removing harmful components from your skin and pores. This should also be factored when deciding if anti-pollution skin products are right for you.


Do you think that the environment you live in requires you to purchase anti-pollution skincare products? Are they worth a try?


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