How to Lessen the Look of Deep Wrinkles

How to Lessen the Look of Deep Wrinkles

We all know that as a natural part of aging, wrinkles will happen. Even though they are a natural part of life, you might be wondering, what can you do to minimize them?


First, prevention is key. Wrinkles can result from harsh environmental factors like sun exposure and dryness. So, as part of a normal routine, it is important to limit sun exposure and to moisturize your skin. Also, staying adequately hydrated and including antioxidants in your diet can promote healthier skin. Another factor to consider, if applicable, is to quit smoking. Smoking makes the body susceptible to collagen breakdown and ultimately allows your skin to age faster.


What can you do if you already have wrinkles and want to reduce their appearance? Here are some options to consider:


Skin peels. Skin peels are chemicals that exfoliate, then support the skin in actually peeling off. This exposes healthier, less damaged skin layers. Peels range from superficial to deep, depending on how damaged the skin is to begin with.


Dermabrasion. This is a procedure that uses friction to remove the outer layers of skin, somewhat like sanding them off. After a period of healing the skin can look improved.


Laser treatments. Laser therapy has an effect similar to skin peels but uses laser energy instead of a chemical application. It also has the benefit of supporting collagen production in the newer layers of skin. Collagen is fundamental to the smooth and firm look of the skin.


Ultrasound therapy. In this type of treatment, ultrasound energy is used to stimulate collagen production in the skin. This, again, helps with skin toning.


Botox injections. Botox and similar injections are used to promote relaxation in the muscles of the face or affected area. Without the muscle tension, the resulting wrinkles become much less noticeable. These injections do require repeat treatments, as they are not permanent.


Plastic surgery. Plastic surgery or facelifts are the reconstructions of the skin on the face to tighten and tone it. These are considered effective but are also a great deal more invasive than other options.


Of course, when choosing the best option for you, there are other factors to consider like expense, risks or side effects and the timeline for healing afterward. Consulting a dermatologist to assist you in making the best choice for your skin is another consideration.


Have you ever used any of these treatments on your skin? Did you get the results that you were looking for?


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