How to Deal with Clogged Pores

How to Deal with Clogged Pores

Are you looking for some ideas on how to handle your clogged pores? First, you have to get an understanding of why they are clogged. Clogged pores are the result of accumulated oil, dirt, and skin cells. If you do not have a regimen of daily skincare, then this can also include bacteria, residual makeup, and sweat buildup.


Knowing the causes of your clogged pores can help you in choosing how best to treat them. Then, check the products that you use regularly to see if the labels specifically say that they “do not clog pores.” Only use products that clearly state this. Otherwise, cleansing your face daily is fundamental in eliminating much of the buildup that contributes to clogged pores. As a supplement, you should consider regularly applying moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.


Aside from basic daily skincare, here are some more targeted ideas for how to deal with clogged pores:


Steam. Steaming your face is a pretty simple option that can be done at home without purchasing anything at all. As part of facial care, it helps to effectively open up the pores. This allows further treatments to be more effective. You can put your face over a steaming, boiling pot (be careful!) or you can purchase a steamer. Some steamers also allow you to put in essential oils so you feel like you’re at the spa.


Pore strips. These strips are meant to be applied to wet skin. After adhering to the affected area of skin, they are peeled off and can assist in removing dirt, bacteria, skin cells, or blackheads. However, they might not be the best choice for people with sensitive skin.


Exfoliation. This is a treatment that can cleanse the skin as well as eliminate old skin cells. Some exfoliants are friction-based, like scrubs or brushes. Others are chemical, like alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, retinol, or topical enzymes. These chemicals should be recommended by a dermatologist so that you are certain that you are using the appropriate chemical for your skin type.


Extractions. Applying pressure to unclog pores or remove acne should be done by skincare specialists to ensure that it is done correctly and to prevent permanent scarring.


Masks. These come in a variety of scents and ingredients. Some of the most common masks are charcoal and clay. They work by drawing dirt out of the pores, to be thereafter, rinsed or peeled off. Once the dirt is removed, the pores become less inflamed and their size and appearance can improve.


Have you tried any of these methods before? Which facial treatments did you find most effective for clogged pores?


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