How to Get Your Best Eyebrows

How to Get Your Best Eyebrows

Eyebrow trends come and go. In the ‘90s it was trendy to have pencil-thin eyebrows. These days, fuller eyebrows are in. Your eyebrows actually frame your face and can make your eyes appear brighter and bigger. So, you may want to spend a little time sprucing them up when you do your makeup. Here are some tips to help you get your best brows quickly and easily:

  1. When using an eyebrow pencil, use light flicking motions to create the illusion of hairs. Don’t just fill in your brows with color and be done with it. After creating the illusion of more hairs, you will want to blend it in. If you prefer to use brow powder, use an angled brush to create the illusion of hairs. Make sure that you are going in the direction that your hair is going as well.
  2. Aim to match your eyebrow color. You may need to try different products and colors before you find your perfect match. You want to go natural when filling in your eyebrows.
  3. Make sure the end of your eyebrow matches up with the end of your eye and your brow bone. If your eyebrow goes much farther past this area, it can look unnatural.
  4. Brush your brows into a good shape. Follow the shape of your brow and brush so it no longer looks unruly. Tweeze or wax any stray hairs that fall outside of your arch. You can use a clear mascara to set your eyebrows in the shape you want.
  5. Use a concealer to highlight your brows. Some people suggest using a highlighter to outline your brows, but it can look too light. Use some concealer to lighten up your brow area.
  6. Remember, less is more. Start with a light application. If you fill in your eyebrows too dark or create too high of an arch, it can look unnatural and even make you look angry.
  7. If you are unsure about which shape your brows should be in, head to a professional who can shape and fill your eyebrows for you. Then you can learn and try it for yourself at home. You may also want to look into permanent eyebrow filling so you never have to worry about it again. It can expensive but could be worth it if you spend a lot of time trying to get your eyebrows just right!

Do you ever fill in your eyebrows? What is your favorite shape of eyebrows?

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