How to Stop Sweating So Much

How to Stop Sweating So Much

If you dread summer because you sweat so much, know that you’re not alone. Many people get embarrassed and suffer from overactive sweat glands. If you feel your sweating is way more than normal, see a doctor to get it checked out. You may need a prescription deodorant or need to take care of an underlying health issue that is causing excessive sweating.

But, if you just sweat more in the summer because of the heat and humidity, that is completely normal. Even though it is normal and necessary, it can be annoying. Sweating is your body’s way of regulating your temperature, so to avoid sweating in the first place, you need to get your body to cool down fast. Stay in the air conditioning, use a fan, or try a cooling towel around your neck.

Here’s a trick to try: apply your antiperspirant before bed. Remember that deodorant only stops odor, while antiperspirant blocks sweat glands. Look at the label before you buy. The ingredients need time to work, so applying it before bed when you will likely sweat less can help it work better the next day. Try it for a few nights to see how it works for you.

Next, you’ll need to make sure you are wearing breathable fabrics. Many fabrics can be tight or contain synthetic materials that don’t let your skin breathe. This can lead to more sweating. Wearing lighter colors can also help you feel cool because darker colors absorb the sun.

Avoid spicy foods and caffeine. Both things may make you sweaty, so it is best to avoid those caffeinated drinks and spicy foods if you’d rather not sweat more.

Sweating is completely normal, but it can be embarrassing. Try these tips to help you sweat less and stay comfortable this summer.

Do you sweat a lot and do you sweat more often in the hot summer months? Or do you avoid getting sweaty at all costs?

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