How to Help Sleep Deprived Skin

How to Help Sleep Deprived Skin

How often have people said to you, “you look tired today?” While it isn’t a welcome comment for most people, often it might be true. You know that when you are sleep deprived, your skin looks sleep deprived as well. Your skin is greatly affected by what you eat and your sleeping habits. If you had a rough night’s sleep, your skin may look dry, dull, or even start to break out.

When you sleep, your body recovers from the day. Your skin also recovers from all the stress you put on it, from emotional stress to environmental. Your cells also refresh during your sleep, so if you regularly don’t get good sleep, you could start to age faster.

If you find your skin looking a little rough after not getting enough sleep, here are some tips to help out:

Prevent more dry skin by using a humidifier at night. It can help keep moisture in the air and prevent your skin from becoming dry.

Relax! Stress will just make you look and feel more stressed out. Do something that relaxes you and makes you feel good. Take a nap if you can!

Eat a healthy diet and exercise if you can. This can help you feel and look more awake, even after a rough night’s sleep.

If you look tired, there are ways to brighten up your face even if you feel sleepy all day. When you wake up, try using a jade roller. Bonus points if you keep it in the refrigerator. The coolness can calm down any inflammation, swelling, and redness. Aloe vera gel is can also help cool your skin and depuff. Before you wash your face, put some aloe vera gel on and let it sit for a few minutes before your morning skincare routine.

If your face is looking a little dull, exfoliate. This can help get rid of dead skin cells and dullness. Try an exfoliating scrub that is gentle and brightening. Lastly, try a brightening moisturizer.

Next, you’ll need some makeup to help brighten up your face and make you look wide awake. Concealer is your best friend right now. Cream concealers will work best for you right now. This can help add moisture to under your eyes. You can also add concealer to your eyelids as well to help brighten up your eye area.

When you don’t sleep well, your skin is likely dull and dehydrated in the morning. Cream products will work better for you unless your skin is always very oily. A little bit of bronzer and blush will also make you look more awake.

A little bit of white eyeliner can brighten up the corners of your eyes. Black eyeliner on the upper lid can help as well. Use mascara and a lash curler too.

What are your favorite tips to make yourself look more awake when you’ve had a bad night’s sleep and you can see it on your face?

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