Should You Use Facial Oils?

Should You Use Facial Oils

It seems like facial oils are everywhere these days. How do you know if they are just a trend or if you should use them? It may seem counterintuitive to use facial oils if you have oily skin, but you can use them too! Of course, oil is great for dry skin as well.

Think of it like this. Your body produces oil naturally, but it doesn’t produce as much as you get older. You need oil or else your skin will get too dry and cause wrinkles, breakouts and other skin issues.

You should choose a specific facial oil based on your skin type. If you have dry skin, look for marula oil. Marula oil helps reduce redness, hydrates, and helps reduce irritated skin. It shouldn’t feel greasy either when you apply it.

If you have oily skin, you can still benefit from facial oils. Acne often happens because your skin overproduces oil. Adding oil can actually diminish your skin’s natural oil production and even things out. Look for lighter oils like jojoba or tea tree oils. Tea tree oil is especially helpful in the fight against acne.

If your skin is normal or combination, marula oil should work well for you. Use sparingly because you likely won’t need much since your skin is pretty normal. Your skin may also change with the seasons and you may need to switch up the type of facial oil you are using.

So, how do you use a facial oil? First, wash and gently exfoliate your skin. Add a few drops of the facial oil to your moisturizer or apply the oil first and then moisturize. Massage it up using a sweeping upward motion. You could also mix it in with your liquid foundation.

Have you ever used a facial oil? Check them out the next time you’re at a beauty supply store and make sure to look at the ingredients.

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