How to Restore Your Skin’s pH Balance

How to Restore Your Skin's pH Balance

Have you noticed certain products popping up in the skincare aisle relating to your skin’s pH levels? Specifically, cleansers and toners are showing up to help balance your skin’s pH levels. Do you really need them? What does it all mean? We have got your back. Learn what the pH balance chart really means and how your skin’s pH levels affect your skin.

What does pH balance mean? There is a pH scale that is a numerical scale that can measure a number of things, including your skin. It measures how acidic or neutral something is. This can be related to your skin’s health. You actually want your skin to be a little bit acidic, about 5.5 on the pH scale. The scale typically goes from 0 to 14, with 0 being the most acidic. 7 on the chart is completely neutral.

The skin is your largest organ and your skin is at its best when it is around 5.5 on the pH scale. This means your skin is protected from the elements and has the right amount of natural oils and bacteria. If your skin’s pH balance is off, this could mean that your skin has some issues like acne or eczema. If your skin is suddenly too red, too itchy or flaky, too dry, or too oily, your skin’s pH balance may be off. If all of a sudden, your skin is “too” anything, you may want to try to balance your skin’s pH levels. So, how do you balance your skin’s pH levels?

In addition to cleansers, toners, and other products that balance the skin’s pH levels, probiotics can help. Probiotics help to balance your skin. You can either take a supplement or use a skin care product that contains probiotics. You can also help to balance pH levels by not over washing, over scrubbing or switching up your products too often. In other words, be gentle with your skin!

Have you ever heard of pH levels or scales? Did you realize that you need to balance your skin’s pH levels too? Have you ever seen a product that helps your skin’s pH levels?

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    I Enjoyed The Article.. And Found It Informative. I Have Recently Relocated To A New Area And The Climate Is Different. I’m Having A Lot Of Issues With My Skin Now That I Didn’t Before.
    Thanks For These Helpful Things
    To Know.

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