How to Do Facial Yoga

How to Do Facial Yoga

What is facial yoga, you might ask? It involves working out the muscles in your face which experts claim can make you look younger. If you are willing to try it and will be consistent with your practice, it may help reduce the look of wrinkles and puffiness.

Essentially, facial yoga claims to strengthen your facial muscles and smooth your skin. Studies have shown that when people have followed a facial yoga program religiously, it does help the face look younger. The people in the study spent 30 minutes every day for eight weeks and then 30 minutes every other day for 12 weeks after that doing facial yoga exercises. So, unless you have a lot of time on your hands, facial yoga may not be for you.

Many of the people in the study showed larger cheeks due to muscle growth. This can help the face look younger. If you are interested in trying facial yoga, here is a move you can try right now as you read this.

First, open your mouth as wide as you can. Fold your upper lip over your front teeth and smile. This should lift your cheek muscles. Put your fingers on your cheeks and relax the muscles. Smile again and repeat the cheek lift ten times. Hold it for 20 seconds the last time.

Since facial yoga is safe, free, and fairly easy, it certainly can’t hurt in the quest for a younger appearance. Keep in mind that consistency is key and genetics do play a role in how fast you may see results.

What do you think about facial yoga? Will you try it or do you think it sounds pretty crazy? Do you think it could actually work to reduce wrinkles and other fine lines?

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