Benefits of Skin Icing

Benefits of Skin Icing

Have you ever heard of skin icing? Skin icing has been around for many years but is just gaining popularity recently. Skin icing involves putting ice on your face in hopes of reaping some of the benefits of the cold temperature.

Here are some of the benefits of skin icing and how to start skin icing today:

  1. It can help give you smooth skin. Skin icing helps to tighten skin and shrink your pores. This can help make your skin appear and feel smoother.
  2. It can also work as a pore primer because it tightens your pores. Try icing your face, then applying primer if you would like and then putting on makeup right away. You could also skip the primer if you enjoy the benefits of skin icing.
  3. It improves your circulation. Ice constricts your blood vessels. This is why you often put ice on an area that is swelling or bruised. This can also help inflamed skin or acne. Pay special attention to pimples when you are skin icing to help reduce their size and redness.
  4. It helps reduce puffy eyes. If you were awake all night, were crying, or are sick, putting ice near your eyes can help reduce puffiness and even dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  5. It has been said to get rid of wrinkles and slow down new wrinkles from appearing.

Here’s how to perform skin icing. You can do it anytime. Try it in the morning or evening or both to reap lots of benefits.

  1. Cleanse your skin as normal. Make sure to remove all makeup.
  2. Wrap one or two ice cubes in a soft cloth or gauze. Let the ice melt for a few seconds to dampen the cloth.
  3. Apply to your face, especially in areas of inflammation or that are swelling. Hold the ice there for a few minutes.
  4. Next, move the ice in circular movements around your face. Concentrate on your under-eye area, the chin, jawline, cheeks, forehead, and nose.
  5. Finish up with toner and moisturizer. Then either head to bed or apply your makeup as normal in the morning.
  6. Do not apply ice for more than 15 minutes. Only a few minutes is enough. You can also use the ice in a cloth, and you will still get the benefits. If you are brave, you can use gloves and apply ice directly to your face. Make sure it is a bit wet and not right out of the freezer, or it may stick to your face.

Are you brave enough to try skin icing? Do you think it will work or do you think it is a hoax?

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