Benefits of Cold Showers Vs. Hot Showers

Benefits of Cold Showers vs Hot Showers

Be honest, do you prefer hot showers or cold showers? The majority of people like to warm up in the shower unless the weather is very warm and they need to cool down. However, cold showers can also be beneficial, even during the winter months. Of course, a lukewarm shower is great too.

So, what are the benefits of both hot and cold showers? Review before you jump in the shower to clean off next.

Cold Shower Benefits1

  1. If you routinely have itchy or dry skin, cold showers can help. Showers with hot water can irritate your skin and make it even drier, while cold showers can calm itchy skin.
  2. Cold showers can energize you. A cold shower in the morning can easily help you wake up in the morning. The shock increases your oxygen intake, heart rate, circulation, and
  3. They can help reduce muscle soreness. If you have an especially intense workout or feel muscle pain, a cold shower can repair your muscles.
  4. It could boost weight loss by helping your body burn fat. Your body starts burning fat when exposed to the cold.
  5. It can also help give you shiny hair and improved skin by tightening your pores.

Hot Shower Benefits1

  1. If you are sick, a hot shower has many more benefits. It can help relieve your respiratory symptoms and open up your airways. It can also loosen phlegm and clear out your nasal passages. Next time you get a cold, jump in a hot shower. You can also add essential oils like peppermint or eucalyptus to help open up your nasal passages further.
  2. If you experience bad acne, hot showers will open up your pores and remove trapped dirt and oil.
  3. If you are in desperate need of a massage, give yourself one in a hot shower to relieve tension in the muscles.

Some experts swear by contrast showers1 too, where you switch the temperature back and forth between hot and cold for a minute each time. It is great for detoxing the body and receiving all of the benefits in one shower.

Do you prefer hot or cold showers? Will you try the contrast shower to receive all of the benefits?

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