How to Use Coconut Oil for Your Skin

How to Use Coconut Oil for Your Skin

Coconut oil is a great natural moisturizer. It is also naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal. One jar of coconut oil has so many uses, and is especially helpful to achieve great skin. If you don’t want to spend too much money on the latest and greatest skin care products, just grab some coconut oil and use it for these skin care issues.

Use it for cleansing and moisturizing

You can actually use coconut oil for cleansing and moisturizing your face and body. If you have dry skin, rub coconut oil all over your face and body, in circular motions. If you don’t like the excess on your skin, just wash it off with your normal cleanser.

Coconut oil is also great as a natural makeup remover, especially for stubborn eye makeup. It even works to remove waterproof mascara. Put it on a cotton ball and remove your makeup, then cleanse your face normally after.

Use coconut oil as a lip balm. It can help get rid of chapped lips, especially in the cold winter months. You can also mix it with some sugar to make a concoction that will exfoliate your lips before you moisturize them.

So many other uses

You can also use coconut oil to shave. It will help keep your legs, underarms, and other areas moisturized after you shave that area. Men can even use it to shave their face.

Use it as a massage lotion. Coconut oil is great to use for massages. Your partner will love you for it! Add a few drops of essential oils to give it a nice smell. Lavender is great for relaxing massages or peppermint can help ease sore muscles.

Coconut oil is great to help cracked and dry cuticles. Massage it on your nails and the skin around your nails every evening for healthier nails. It can also prevent those pesky hangnails.

If you have psoriasis or other dry skin issues, you can add coconut oil to a bath to help soothe itchy and dry skin.

Do you ever use coconut oil for your skin? You can also use it for cooking, your hair, and many other uses. Will you try to use coconut oil for your skin, especially to relieve dry skin?

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    Thank you for the information I will definitely get a bottle and start using it on a regular basis. Really need something that works all over the body on extremely sensitive skin

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