How to Care for Dry Skin in the Fall

How to Care for Dry Skin in the Fall

If you have dry skin, you might not be looking forward to fall and winter. As the weather changes and cools down, your skin might become drier and duller. Sometimes autumn is here before we know it and your skin might start to feel the effects quickly. You’ll need to change up your skin care routine to treat your dry skin. Here are some tips:

As tempting as it is to take a nice, hot shower, you should only bathe or shower with lukewarm water. Hot water strips your skin of natural oils and causes it to become dry. After you bathe or shower, apply moisturizer immediately to damp skin. This can help your skin trap in moisture.

If you need a new moisturizer, look for ones that contain ceramides. Get rid of any products for your skin that contain alcohol because it can dry out your skin.

If you find your hands get dry and even start to crack and bleed, moisturize every time you wash your hands. If your skin is really bad, moisturize and wear gloves to bed to let it soak in overnight.

As the air starts to get drier, get a humidifier for your home. You might be spending more time indoors and once you turn your heat on, the air gets even drier. A humidifier can add some much-needed moisture in the air and put moisture back into your skin. Make sure to put one in your bedroom at night.

Start to exfoliate about twice a week. This can help get rid of dull skin and prep your face for hydrating treatments. Hydrating face masks will definitely help you. If your entire body needs some TLC, look for in-shower lotions.

As you work on hydrating your dry skin, make sure you are drinking more water. This can help you hydrate your skin from the inside out. You might notice yourself drinking less water in the fall because it isn’t as warm, but you still need lots of water.

Is your skin drier in the fall? What are your main skin concerns?

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