Skin Care Tips for Women in Their 50’s

Skin Care Tips for Women in Their 50's

Your skin changes as you age and it is unfortunately inevitable. In your 50’s, it is especially important to take care of your skin and notice the changes you need to make in your skincare routine. Here are some ways you can take care of your skin in your 50’s:

When you reach your 50’s, you may experience menopause and that could have an effect on your skin. When your estrogen levels change, it could make your skin very dry. Your skin may also start to sag more.

If your skin is extremely dry, remember a few tips. Never use hot water because it will strip your skin of its natural oils. Use a cream cleanser, a thick moisturizer, use a product with hyaluronic acid and stay away from drying soaps. Unless your skin is very oily, try using skincare oils to generate even more moisture.

You need to make sure you are using a quality moisturizer and staying hydrated. Try our AUTHENTIC SKINCARE 24 Hour Youth Renewal Kit which contains both a day and night cream specifically made for aging skin. It also contains the Close-Up Wrinkle Treatment.

As always, don’t forget to wear sunscreen and sunglasses daily. The sun is the main cause of brown spots, wrinkles and even skin cancer. Use SPF of at least 30 and choose one that blocks UVA and UVB rays.

When you discuss your skin concerns with your dermatologist, ask if you could benefit from chemical peels or lasers. They can effectively get rid of sun spots, age spots, scars and other skin concerns that pop up in your 50’s.

Are you in your 50’s? What are your favorite products to use on your skin?

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  1. Maryanne Rapana

    I have been using your products and I can truly say that it’s works great on my skin and being at a age in our 50s, I tried using others lotion but neither one of them works for me but when I try Christie Brinkley cream…..WOOHOO it’s magical and my skin never looks so beautiful and it’s smooth and glowing with grace. Thank you for your awesomeness lotion that helps and works for my skin.

  2. CB Authentic Skin Care

    Great to hear! We’re happy for your results!

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