Fun Things to Do With Your Kids or Grand Kids This Summer

Fun Things to Do With Your Kids or Grand Kids This Summer

Kids are out of school for the summer. Whether you are staying at home with your kids or watching your grand kids all summer, you might need new ideas to do with them. Instead of going to the local pool every single day or spending the day watching TV, try something new. Here are some ideas of fun things to do with the kids this summer:

  1. Get outside! Kids these days are always playing video games and on their phones, so make sure your kids or grand kids get enough Vitamin D this summer. Take them outside and play games or sports, ride bikes, go to a pool or beach, or blow bubbles.
  2. Get cooking or baking. Get out some of your favorite recipes and teach the kids how to make something you love to cook or bake. It will be a sweet memory both of you can remember and then you get to taste your yummy treats!
  3. Check out Pinterest and look up some fun, kid-friendly DIY crafts and projects. Whether the child is into science, arts or crafts, you can find some fun DIY projects that both of you will enjoy making together.
  4. When an inevitable rainy day does happen, bust out the board games and puzzles instead of turning on the
  5. Check out the websites of the cities near you. You may find some fun, free concerts or other events for kids.
  6. Go to the public library. Check out some books or movies and spend the day learning something new together. Libraries often hold free events for kids in the summer as well. If your child loves to read, have them join a reading club.
  7. Start a family newspaper. Get your kids to write some stories, take photos and draw pictures. Add them all together in an online program and email or print copies for your family.
  8. Make a time capsule. Ask your children or grandchildren to write letters to their future selves and draw pictures or include photos. Decide if you want it to be opened in five or ten years. Bury it in your backyard or hide it somewhere else that you’ll remember to find it in the future.
  9. Have a backyard movie night. Set up a projector and screen in the backyard and fill your yard with blankets and pillows. Get cozy and watch one of your favorite movies.
  10. Visit your local fire station. They love to show kids around and the kids can learn about fire safety.

What other suggestions do you have? What are some of your favorite activities to do with your kids or grand kids in the summer?

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