Summer Wedding Makeup Trends (For Brides and Guests)

Summer Wedding Makeup Trends

Are you getting married this summer? Or perhaps you are attending multiple weddings or standing up in a wedding? Either way, you’ll want to look great and have your makeup stay fresh throughout all of the festivities. Here are some of the best summer wedding makeup trends and suggestions to try, whether you are a bride or just a guest this year:

If you’re a bride, decide what you want your look to be ahead of time. Decide if you want a more natural look or a bold, different look from your everyday makeup. Search online for ideas to present your makeup artist with on the day of your wedding or for you to copy if you are doing your own makeup. Make sure the look goes with your dress and the theme of your wedding.

Decide what features you want to accentuate. If you want bold lips, focus on that and choose a bright red or pink. If you want gorgeous eyes, focus on making your lashes look amazing and long or choosing a smoky eye look.

Match your look to the location. If you are getting married to going to a wedding on a beach, try a bronzed look. If you are going to a flowery venue, try pastels and lots of pinks. If you are heading to the chapel, try a more traditional and subtle look. You get the idea.

Try lash extensions. Lash extensions are very popular right now and for good reasons. Lash extensions can give you an amazing lash look without messing around with mascaras or false lashes on your own. They really stand out in photos as well.

Go for waterproof makeup. Whether you are the bride or a guest, you might end up crying happy tears at some point in the day. Make sure you use waterproof makeup to ensure your look stays put through anything the day throws at you.

Matte lipstick is all the rage right now and for good reason. Not only does it look beautiful on everyone, it stays put longer than other lipsticks and you can choose just about any color you want.

Are you getting married this summer? Are you attending any weddings or standing up in any weddings? Do you have your makeup look already set or are you looking for ideas? Share with us below!

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