Best Summer Lipstick Colors for Your Skin Tone

Best Summer Lipstick Colors for Your Skin Tone

Are you looking to change up your look for the summer? A perfect way to switch up your style is to simply change your lipstick color. Many of us use the same lipstick or lip gloss color all the time because we love it and it looks good on us. It can’t hurt to switch it up sometimes though! When looking for colors, keep in mind which colors look best for your skin tone. When shopping for a new color, experiment and try different ones, but keep this list handy to try fun, bright summer colors that look amazing with your skin tone. Are you ready to try something fun and bold this summer?

If you are fair with cool undertones, go bright and bold! You don’t have to stick to lighter tones at all. Bright colors actually pop best on your lighter skin tone. Try out bright pink, fuchsia or bright red.

If you have fair skin but with warm undertones, go for a red shade. Try a tomato red to accentuate the warm undertones that naturally occur in your skin. It can also help give your skin a sexy summer glow.

If you have light skin with warm undertones but have a darker tan because of the summer months, try a hot pink. It will accentuate your gorgeous tan.

If you have medium skin, try a cooler-toned red. The cool color can pop against your warmer skin tone.

If you have olive skin, try a bold purple. It will look amazing on you.

If you have deep skin, try a warm orange tone. This color will appear bright and vibrant against your skin and is perfect for summer.

As you try new colors, try the hottest types of lipsticks for summer. Look for matte or super shiny shades. There are also many new lipsticks that have cute packaging, which can be a fun talking point with your friends!

What bright, summery lipstick colors do you love? What is your skin tone? Do you get tan in the summer and need to change up your makeup products and lip colors? Comment below or send in a picture of you with your new lipstick in the comments section!

  1. Mark Crocker

    I’m a gy who. Likes lip stick so normal colour is important
    Your cremes are excellent im a fair
    Dinkum costumer yes Mark C Tamworth nsw

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