How to Get a Glowing Complexion

How to Get a Glowing Complexion

With spring here and summer coming soon, you are probably interested in learning how you can get that sexy glow on your skin. However, if you experience dry or oily skin, you might have a hard time getting a glow that looks sexy and not sweaty. Glowing skin is defined as skin with small pores, an even complexion, and clear skin.1 It should look moist and soft and yes, achieve the perfect glow. Here are some tips on how to get a perfect glowing complexion:

Stay hydrated. Being properly hydrated is key for healthy skin. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.1

In addition to staying hydrated, eat healthy for beautiful skin. You will especially need fruits and vegetables. Green tea or chamomile tea can also be helpful for soothing skin.1

Sleep may also be crucial to your skin’s overall health. As you sleep your skin repairs itself, so if you frequently get enough rest, your skin will look on point too.

Figure out your skin type.1 You may have oily skin, dry skin or a combination of the two. Keep in mind your skin type may change over the years due to changes in weather and seasons, hormonal changes or how you treat your skin.

If you have large pores, acne and lots of visible oil, you probably have oily skin. If you have skin that is dull, dry and cracks or peels, you likely have dry skin. If you have a combination of the two, especially an oily T-zone (forehead and nose area) with all other skin being dry, you may have combination skin.1 If you are unsure what skin type you actually have, talk to your dermatologist. Once you determine your skin type, you can find products that will help you tame whatever issues you are facing that are blocking you from achieving an amazing glow.

If you need to get rid of dull and dead skin, try using a topical retinoid to exfoliate.1 It will increase cell turnover to restore your skin. You may also want to look for products that contain ceramides, especially in moisturizers.1 Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids that will help you retain skin hydration and protect your skin from the elements.

Once your skin is on point, use makeup to help enhance your natural glow.1 Makeup highlighters are so on trend lately too. Look for sprays, powders, liquids or creams that boast a glow or luminous shine. You can also try a dewy setting spray for an all over glow. If you try a highlighter, put it on your cheekbones for a gorgeous shimmer to accentuate your natural beauty.

To get started on your quest for the perfect glow, try our PURE RADIANCE Illumination Facial Oil. It will help hydrate, plump and soften your skin.

Are you after that fantastic glowing complexion? What products or tips do you use to achieve the perfect glow? Did any of these tips surprise you? Share with us by commenting below!

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