Should You Try Eyelash Extensions?


Have you ever wanted your eyelashes to appear longer, fuller or just more luxurious? It can be a pain to apply fake lashes every single day. There is another option, but it does come with its own set of pros and cons. Eyelash extensions involve gluing lash extensions to your existing eyelashes.1 There are three different types of lashes to choose from: synthetic, silk or mink.1 You can choose from different lengths and styles as well. You can keep them very natural or go long and full like a celebrity.

Lashes are applied one at a time, using a special glue that adheres to your natural lash. This is completely safe; however, some people do get allergic reactions if they have very sensitive eyes.1 If you try eyelash extensions and start to notice redness, swelling, itchiness or irritation, you need to tell your esthetician (the person who applied the lashes) right away.1

It could take about two hours to apply for eyelash extensions your first time. After that, it should take about an hour to refill them. You need to get them touched up every 2-4 weeks, so not only is this a time commitment, it can be fairly expensive as well. Depending on where you go, it could cost you up to $300 for your first set and around $35-55 for refills every few weeks.1

If you do decide to go for it and try eyelash extensions, your esthetician will give you a brush to keep them groomed and a set of instructions to maintain your lashes. These instructions may include no showering or swimming for about 24 hours after you get your eyelashes done.1 You also may be told not to use any products containing oil around your eyes.1 Be sure to ask any questions you may have at your appointment.

When choosing an esthetician, ask for reviews, before and after photos of their other clients, pricing and make sure they have all of their proper certifications.1

Have you ever heard of or tried eyelash extensions? What was your experience? If you’ve never tried them, do you think you will? Let us know if this article helped you out!

1 – Information from The Huffington Post

3 Responses

  1. Louise Brinkman

    I have had extensions in the past. Loved the way they looked that was the upside.
    Downside expense, time and maintenance was not something I wanted to commit to, so now I try
    to take very good care of my natural lashes. After removing the extensions I found my lashes really were compromised so it took some time to get them back to pre- extension condition

  2. Deb

    Eyelash extensions were the worst thing I’ve done! My eyes swelled up within hours. They refused to refund my money as well

  3. Denise

    I’ve tried eyelash extensions 3 times…(obviously a very slow learner)! Although they looked beautiful; they were the worst thing I’ve ever done to my natural lashes which because even more sparse and thin than they already were. The expense of maintaining them was another consideration plus the last set I had of mink ones got brittle and itched so I virtually pulled them off.
    I would NEVER have extensions again nor recommend them to anyone!

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