How to Care for Your Cuticles


You may not think much about your cuticles, except when you’re getting a manicure, but your cuticles do need regular TLC. Cuticles are there for a reason and that reason is to create a barrier of protection for the nail matrix1 believe it or not. Cuticles are actually a part of your skin, 1 so to keep  them strong and healthy, try following these tips:

  1. Don’t cut your cuticles. There is no good reason to cut them and it could actually leave you vulnerable to infections or irritation. Essentially, if you cut your cuticles, you are getting rid of the protection you have to avoid germs getting into your nail beds. It can also lead to nail issues like white spots or lines and ridges. If you end up getting a bacterial infection, you could also stunt your nail’s growth.1
  2. Use a wooden orange stick. If you like the look of your cuticles gone, you can simply push them back with a wooden orange stick.1 Just be gentle as you do this. If you get manicures done at a salon, ask your manicurist to simply push the cuticles back instead of cutting them. Also, be sure to ask them how they clean their tools to avoid getting an infection from unclean nail tools.
  3. Moisturize those cuticles well. Since they are so delicate, cuticles do get dry, crack, peel or flake, just like the rest of your skin.1 Be sure to moisturize them daily and if you need a little extra TLC, use a cuticle oil before bed.
  4. Try to stay away from drying agents. Drying agents that could damage your cuticles are dishwasher or laundry detergents and nail polish removers containing acetone.1 Try wearing gloves when you do dishes or laundry to avoid drying out your skin and cuticles. When removing nail polish, look for gentle acetone-free nail polish removers.
  5. Lastly, keep your hands away and out of your mouth in order to avoid dryness and infection. Don’t bite your nails or cuticles as this could lead to infections or illnesses as well.1

Have you ever thought about taking better care of your cuticles? What did you learn from this article? Share with us by commenting below!  

1 – Information from WebMD

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    Please tell me if there is something special to use on cuticle.
    Thank you.

  2. Jan

    Great reminders. My cuticles are a mess. I already know not to bite or cut my cuticles and to moisturize them—but I continue to do everything wrong and undermine the health of my cuticles. Thank you for the reminder— I’m going to change my ways and get some orange sticks and cuticle oil todsy!

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