How to Care for Your Skin on Vacation


When is your next vacation planned? Vacations are fun and exciting, but can also bring up problems on your skin. Have you ever wondered if you should adjust your skincare regimen while on vacation? Certain weather conditions call for different skin care. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your skin’s health during any vacation endeavors:

First and foremost, it is essential to wear sunscreen to protect skin from the damage the sun rays can cause.1 This is especially important for those going to warmer places, closer to the equator. Some people will wear it under their foundation, while others will wear makeup that already has SPF in it. Even if a tan is desired, it is still important to wear some amount of SPF. This will ensure that there is less burning of the skin. However, beach vacations are not the only time SPF is needed. It is important to remember that people can get a sunburn while in colder climates as well. Don’t forget to apply to all open areas of skin.1 Our Recapture 360 Day Cream not only protects again UVA/UVB rays, but Infrared Rays as well.

Another essential is moisturizing. This should be a staple in everyone’s daily routine, so it won’t be hard to remember. This is extremely important while on vacation because cold climates can dry your skin out, as well, as warm climates. This is especially true with vacations to the desert. If the skin is used to a more humid climate, it could potentially start creating more natural oil to make up for the recent loss of moisture. This applies to being indoors as well. The skin is subjected to dehydration due to a potential increase of dryness caused by air conditioning or heating. Travel, especially on airplanes, is known to cause dry skin, so make sure to use extra moisturizer when you are traveling. Make sure to stay hydrated as well, because being dehydrated can not only harm your body but make your skin dry and irritated as well.1

Going on vacation can throw off a usually consistent skincare routine. It is not uncommon for a person who would usually do a regimen in morning and at night, to lose track while on vacation. It is more important than people think to keep to a consistent schedule with this. One of the reasons being that people are likely to create more or less natural oil, depending on how often it is moisturized. Another aspect of this is that because people are likely to get less sleep during a vacation, their eyes may appear to be more tired than usual.1 Make sure you try to get enough sleep. Lack of sleep often shows up around your eyes and on your face. If you need a little help with dark circles and puffiness, try our REFOCUS Under Eye Treatment.

It is sometimes challenging to pick out what is most important while packing because there is not necessarily room for all of your skin care products. It is smart to invest in travel size containers, and transfer product from a larger container to smaller. Some of the products you’ll want to bring are sunscreen, hydrocortisone cream for bug bites, calamine lotion for itchy or dry skin, sunglasses, hats to protect against the sun, facial cleanser, facial and body lotion, lip balm, and any prescription medications you need for skin conditions.1


1 – Information from Health Central

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