5 Makeup Tips for Youthful Looking Skin

5 Makeup Tips for Youthful Skin

Makeup enhances your natural beauty and playing around with new products is just plain fun! If you want to start using makeup to shave a few years off your face, here are some ways to create a more youthful look:

Use a Primer

The first step in your youthful makeup routine should be primer. Primers make skin appear less blotchy and dehydrated. Using a primer can even out the skin and fill in fine lines. Think of it as starting with a blank canvas to create your masterpiece. Look for a light primer that also moisturizes.

Less Foundation!

A light foundation that doesn’t weigh down your skin is the next step to a more youthful look. Foundation hides away imperfections and can liven your skin tone for a more even appearance. The trick is to find a tone that’s a tad warmer than your natural color and apply it with a sponge for optimal blending.

Brighten Up-Lips and Highlighter

You can help your skin appear more radiant with a highlighter. Applying highlighter to the temples, nose and chin helps your face catch the light better. Brighten up your lips with a hydrating soft pink color. Nourishing your lips is important, as your lips can begin to droop and wrinkle as you age.

Enhance Your Brows

A quick way to give yourself an instant lift is to shape and fill your eyebrows correctly. Following your natural arch, clean up the edges a bit for a more refined shape. Many women notice their eyebrows thin out as they age, so filling them in with a color that closely matches your natural color can help define your face. Powder eye brow makeup blends best for the most natural look.

Use the Right Blush

A light pink blush with a hint of shimmer can bring the finishing touch of light to your look. Other shades that look great are warmer pinks or rose for darker complexions. Again, don’t overdo it and keep it natural. You can make yourself look younger by limiting blush to the apples of your cheeks and sweeping up near your hairline following your cheekbones.

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