How to Get Younger Looking Hands

We do what we can to keep the skin on our face from wrinkles and sagging, but another sign of aging can appear in our hands. It can be frustrating to be young at heart and show signs of aging on the outside, despite your better efforts. Since your hands might not get the kind of skin care attention your face gets, try out these tips to make your hands appear younger.


Wear gloves while cleaning

You wouldn’t apply harsh cleaners or dish detergent to your face, so why do it to your hands? Doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom with gloves can do wonders in decreasing the amount of chemicals they’re exposed to. Damage from chemicals can age your skin faster than you’d like, so wear gloves whenever possible.


Don’t forget sunscreen

When you’re putting on sunscreen, you may forget to cover your hands completely. Especially when putting on your daily SPF to your face, remember to also apply it to your hands. Your hands are nearly always exposed to the sun, which can be why age spots can appear later in life.


Moisturize and exfoliate

Maintaining moisture is paramount to slowing the age process in your skin. Using a moisturizer twice a day can help make sure your hands are hydrated and looking great. You can even consider wearing cloth gloves to bed after moisturizing to get the most out of your lotion. Don’t forget to exfoliate dead skin cells away, at least once a week.


Take a break from polish

Your nails can also make your hands appear older. Nail polish contains chemicals that would be dangerous if consumed and some are even cancerous. Despite the fact that your nails are tough, they’re largely made out of the same proteins as your hair and skin. Take care of your nails by limiting how often you polish your nails. If you love to have your nails painted, try taking a few days in between manicures and opt for nail polish brands that use less harmful chemicals.


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