Winter Jacket Styles for Your Body Type

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It’s true that the jacket that looks best on you is the jacket you feel the most confident wearing. Confidence beats couture any day! If you want to enhance your features and natural curves, there are different cuts of jackets and coats to try out this winter. With so many ways to show off your shape, don’t hide it in an old coat that doesn’t make you happy! Here are some coat cuts to flatter your shape:

Pear Shape
If you identify as a woman with a pear shape, balancing your top and bottom is as simple as looking for coats that accentuate the shoulders. You can get away with edgier shoulders that may look masculine on others. Double breasted coats can help create an illusion that your bust is fuller as well. Shorter coats look great on you, so why cover up your best asset?

Slim Hips
Women who carry more weight in their bust and have a straighter torso look lovely in longer coats embellished with detail at the bottom. Mid-length and long coats are great for adding volume to the hips, and you can even rock straight coats that don’t cinch in the waist. If flowey coats feel too cold to you, you can always add a stylish belt to keep the fabric closer to your body.

Curvy All Over
Accentuate your waist with a bathrobe cut or an empire waist. The bathrobe cut can give you more room to move with its lower neckline and no bust-constraining buttons–just be sure to wear a scarf to stay warm. An Empire waist can feel more comfortable for women who don’t need the extra room in the bust that a bathrobe cut offers. This cut lays close to the body at the tip, but flows away above your natural waist, giving you a cute curvy look while staying warm.

Coats may feel comfy when they’re big and fluffy, but oversized coats might look like they’re eating you for lunch if you don’t get the right size. Avoid long coats that can make your legs that look shorter, and opt for mid-length coats that don’t go past the knee. Straighter cut coats may also help your torso appear longer as well.

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