Makeup Tips that Hide Wrinkles


We all get wrinkles and unfortunately,  it seems like they double as you age. There are many different creams and treatments you can use to prevent and stop wrinkles in their tracks, but in the meantime, you can try to hide them well with the proper makeup applications. Here are some makeup tips that could help hide wrinkles:

First of all, don’t forget to moisturize! The best way to try and keep wrinkles disguised is to make sure your skin is hydrated and supple. Use a moisturizer after you wash your face in the morning, evening and before applying makeup. Drink plenty of water throughout the day as well to keep your skin moisturized. Try our RECAPTURE 360 + IR Defense Anti-Aging Day Cream to keep your skin moisturized and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

After you moisturize and before you start applying your makeup, use a silicone based primer. Silicone helps to fill in wrinkles and give you a smooth surface to start applying makeup.

When you start to apply your makeup, you might want to ditch the foundation or lighten up your application. It’s easy to think you might need to apply more foundation to cover up wrinkles, but sometimes adding too much can actually make you wrinkles stand out more. Try using a tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead to give you some coverage without getting too heavy-handed.,Also, try to avoid too much powder makeup as well. Powder tends to settle in fine lines. If you get really oily and can’t stand giving up your favorite powder, avoid areas that have the most wrinkles, like around your eyes.

Curl your eyelashes but skip the false lashes. False lashes tend to draw attention to your eye’s flaws like crow’s feet. However, a simple mascara and eyelash curler can help disguise wrinkles quickly. Opt for a matte eyeshadow for the best way to add color around your eyes without a color settling into fine lines.

If you love blush to make your cheeks pop, use a cream based blush and think less is more when it comes to applying color.

When it comes to lips, use a lipstick primer, a lip liner, and a lipstick. Try to stay away from matte colors because they tend to dry out your lips and make wrinkles stand out more. Go for a moisturizing lipstick or gloss.

Be sure to moisturize and blend your makeup into your neck. Nothing ruins a beautiful makeup look on your face like a neck color that doesn’t match your face. Be sure to blend your entire face well and double check your entire look in natural and indoor light.

What makeup or application tips do you use to hide wrinkles? Share with us!

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  1. Susan Colburn

    Really great information. Where do I get the silicone based primer? Also, what to do about the lines above your upper lip?

  2. Donna

    i really like christie brinkley products, i feel better about myself after using the products.

  3. Colleen Fitzpatrick

    Love Christie Brinkley skin care products. Can’t imagine using any other skin care product.

  4. Michele Stewart

    Hi, I live in Australia and already buy your moisturisers. Would you also sell a silicone based primer?

  5. Kathryn Leggett

    I find having used Christie Brinkley products before i put makeup on …. with makeup less is best your BB makeup smooths on then a nutural eye shadow and mascara and i am ready to go for the day and i feel natural. At 69 i feel great…


  6. Myrna Perry

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  7. Shelia Pate

    If you have wrinkles on your for head try a hair cut with Bangs. Or cut so as to let your hair taper back away from your face. People tend to follow your hair instead of looking at your forehead. Is this a good idea? I would really like your option on this.Thank you so much.

  8. CB Authentic Skin Care

    Please contact us using our AUSTRALIAN line at: 1800-809-707. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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