Maintain That Moisture in Winter


The winter season is setting in soon, and along with all the comforts of warm blankets, hot cocoa and soft snow flurries, your skin may not appreciate the new temperatures. Not only is your skin exposed to plunging temperatures outside, but inside, you’re faced with dry heat and hot showers. These extremes can be harmful to your skin, and it often loses moisture because of that.

To help your skin maintain its hydrated barrier, try these winter skincare tips:

Short, Warm Showers
Even though a long, steaming hot shower can warm up your bones when the temperature drops, you should only take showers and cleanse your face with lukewarm water. When the outermost layer of your skin is exposed to very hot water, oils that help keep it moisturized are stripped away–adding soap further intensifies this effect. Try taking shorter showers and don’t turn the hot water up to its maximum setting.

This is a given, but it is so important to keep up with your moisturizing routine. Apply a moisturizer after a shower when you’re damp and there’s still moisture in the air, so the lotion can lock in all the hydration before it evaporates. Avoid petroleum-based lotions, especially on skin as delicate as your face.

Drink to Your Health
Drinking more water is easier to do in the summer, when hot weather makes you thirsty. In the winter, it is just as important to get those eight to nine glasses in everyday. Try drinking warm water with a bit of lemon juice for an added boost of vitamin C.

Try a Humidifier
They’re not only great when you’re sick, but when the dry heat inside your house is just too much. Humidifiers help put moisture back in the air that dissipates when the heat is blasting. Surrounding yourself with hydration from the inside and the outside can help nourish your skin for a less scaly winter.

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