Facial Exercises to Prevent Wrinkles and Sagging Skin


Do you have wrinkles or sagging skin? Most of us do as we age. One thing that people might not think to do are some simple facial exercises that you can do at home! These exercises can be a great complement to a good skin care routine and healthy diet. Here are some of the best facial exercises:

For your cheeks:

  • Take a deep breath in and fill your cheeks with air. When they are full, tap them gently with your fingers and try holding the pressure for a few seconds and then releasing the air out slowly. You can also try twisting your lips from the right to the left. 1 This can help you keep your chiseled cheekbones.

For around your eyes:

  • These exercises may help with minimizing crow’s feet and sagging skin. Touch your index fingers and thumbs and hold them around your eyes like you are wearing fake glasses. Blink gently about 20 times and then relax. You can also try placing your index fingers on your eyebrows and press down. As you are pressing down, try to raise your eyebrows. Repeat about 15 times. 1

For your mouth:

  • Open your mouth widely and then close. Repeat about 10 times each day. 1 This can help keep the lines around your mouth away.

For your forehead:

  • Minimize forehead lines by putting both of your hands on your forehead with your palms facing inward. Then stretch your skin outwards in a sweeping motion. Repeat for about 15 times. 1

For your neck:

  • Look straight ahead and place your fingers on the lower part of your neck. Push your skin downwards as you tilt your head back. Moving your head forward and back, repeat about 6-8 times. 1 This can help with sagging skin around your neck area.

For your eyebrows:

  • Place your index fingers under each eye and point them towards your nose. Blink fast and look up towards the ceiling. Do this for 30 seconds. 1 This can help you avoid wrinkles around your eyebrows and upper eyes.

For your chin area:

  • Stand or sit up straight. Move your head back and look up, then move your mouth as if you were chewing. Repeat about 15 times.1 This can help you avoid the common sagging skin around your chin area.

Have you ever tried facial exercises? Do you think they work or are they just silly? Share your thoughts below!

1 – From MarieClaire

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