Foods Your Body Needs in The Fall

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As the weather gets cooler, you may find that you start craving warm foods like soup and tea. Your environment is changing, and it’s having an effect on your body, so it’s important to nourish yourself accordingly. There is the belief that the Earth supplies the foods your body needs throughout each season, which could be why melons become ripe in the summer in time for extra hydration, and citrus becomes abundant in the winter for a vitamin C boost.


If you notice, foods that are harvested in the fall are warmer colors–like sweet potatoes, squash, carrots and pears. These foods all happen to be great for your immune system, which can help you prepare for flu season that arrives in November. Here’s how you can change your diet for a healthier fall season:



This antioxidant can help ward off those nasty germs you can encounter from kids, or at the office. Quercetin is found in grapes (red wine, too!), berries, and the skin of apples. It has anti-inflammatory properties to keep you moving. This flavonoid is also abundant in capers, which can be an interesting way to spice up recipes.



Believed to have antiviral properties, this antioxidant is found in garlic, onions and chives. It’s released when those foods are crushed, and it’s also responsible for the pungent aroma. A scientific study in 2014 revealed that a high daily dose of Allicin, more than twenty times the amount in a clove of garlic, actually protected participants from the common cold.

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