Crafting with Autumn Leaves


Autumn is a truly beautiful season. As leaves turn golden, red and orange, you’re suddenly surrounded with bright colors and crisp cool air. Take advantage of the season with apple picking, cute fall fashion, and everything pumpkin spice! Before the leaves turn brown, bring some of those autumn hues indoors by crafting! Here are some great ideas to try out:


Preserving Autumn Leaves
While there are many methods to preserving autumn leaves, one of the simplest methods is ironing with wax paper. It can preserve the color for weeks! To do this:

  1. Place the leaf between two sheets of wax paper and put a towel on top.
  2. Iron over the towel (on medium, no steam) in order to seal the wax into the leaf, taking about three minutes, give or take.
  3. Press both sides.
  4. Let it cool and peel the paper away, taking care to leave a layer of wax behind.


The Better Wreath
Try garnishing a homemade welcome sign with a few autumn leaves instead of the same wreath you’ve been putting out for years! Incorporating twigs with red berries can be a fun touch as well.


Leaf Printing
A great craft to do with kids, use autumn leaves (that aren’t brown yet) to create fun prints as a resourceful way to bring autumn indoors! Apply a thin layer of paint to the leaf and press onto fabric for pillows, tablecloths or works of art that’ll live on. You can even create an autumn-themed tote to bring apple picking!


Clay Leaves
For this craft, you can steal a bit of your child’s air-dry clay and create a new key holder or fun fall decoration. Press the leaf into the clay and cut out along the sides. To create a bowl shape, use a real bowl as the mold as it dries.

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