Avoiding Halloween Candy Temptation

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You’ve avoided the aisles lined with Halloween candy for months now, and with Halloween coming up, you’ll face a lot of temptation with a bowl full of candy sitting by the front door. While there’s nothing wrong with sweet treats once in a while, binging on too much candy can derail your healthy eating habits and give you a sizeable stomach-ache.


Here’s how to avoid the Halloween candy temptation!


Everything in Moderation

Be realistic: If you’re going to buy candy, let yourself have one or two pieces a day–temptation can be worse if you tell yourself you’re not allowed to have any! There’s nothing wrong with just a couple of pieces over the course of the day, as long as it doesn’t become a habit that you feel is interfering with your ability to focus on other things throughout the day.


Don’t Buy Your Personal Favorite

While your instinct might be to purchase your favorite chocolatey-crunchy-caramel treat, grab a different brand that has an ingredient that you’re not crazy about. That’ll deter you from picking at it throughout the day! If you happen to have any leftover, you likely won’t feel obligated to finish it yourself.


Keep it Out of Sight

If candy isn’t in your direct line of sight and it’s not within reach, you can be less likely to munch at it. Hide it behind something or away in a cabinet that you don’t often open.


Fill Up with Healthy, Nourishing Snacks

Instead of letting that ping of hunger badger you to grab a piece of candy, reach for fulfilling snacks that have some sweet and salty flavors. Snacking on natural nut butters that don’t have hydrogenated oils, paired with a fruit is a sweet and salty treat that can keep you on a healthy track. Additionally, the protein can fill you up, which can reduce the amount of cravings you experience throughout the day.

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