How to Stop Sweating So Much


We all sweat. Sometimes it can come from the heat, exercise or a nervous emotion, but what if you sweat all the time or so much you always soak through your clothes? It can be an embarrassing issue to deal with.

First, if you are worried that you are sweating too much, see your doctor and determine if it could be due to a medical condition or side effect from a drug you’re taking. If you can find the underlying cause, you can fix the problem much faster.

If your sweating is caused from another reason or you just simply hate the thought of it, here are some ways  that can help minimize the amount:

  1. Switch to a higher strength deodorant or antiperspirant. Ask your doctor for a prescription if you need a prescription strength treatment.
  2. Try applying your deodorant at night instead of in the morning. It sounds like it would come off during the night, but deodorant actually washes off more often in the morning because the active ingredient doesn’t have a chance to work its magic.
  3. Wear lightweight cotton. Change your clothes often. Don’t leave on sweaty clothing for too long. Try wearing absorbent layers, like an undershirt or a camisole top to catch sweat before it appears on your top layer of clothing. Looser clothing can also help.
  4. Use a dusting powder to wipe away sweat and moisture, especially if you get sweaty feet.
  5. Reapply deodorant in the middle of the day or before a stressful meeting or nervous date.
  6. Skip spicy food. Spicy food can make you sweat and can also actually make your sweat smell worse.
  7. If you sweat more at night, look for breathable, lightweight fabrics and skip the bulky comforter.

Do you sweat too much? What are your favorite ways to curb sweat? Share with us!

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