Truth to LED Light Beds

LED Bedlight


It’s the technology that’s been trusted by NASA to stimulate the growth of cells for decades–LED light therapy. For dermatological use, it is thought that the high-energy red and infrared beams penetrate skin and to improve circulation and collagen production. The LED light bed was developed by a New York City based salon owner named Joanna Vargas, who patented her therapeutic bed and promotes is as a time machine for your skin.


This bed has been known to reduce cellulite, fade stretch marks, and create younger, radiant looking skin. It’s a full-body treatment for those who feel they want to have more youthful skin all over, in addition to their face. Clients who use the bed strip down and rest under the bright healing lights. It essentially creates the opposite effects of a tanning bed.


The Verdict:

Though there needs to be more scientific research done to fully backup claims of immediate results, people who receive the treatment were satisfied. There is evidence to suggest that infrared lights can treat a variety of skin conditions successfully–possibly by jumpstarting mitochondria on a cellular level to stimulate collagen generation.


So, if you’re willing to spend nearly $1,000 over six weeks to complete the salon treatment, this might be an option for you. However, Good Housekeeping did a study over a six week period that compared at-home LED treatments to wrinkle creams, and found that the LED treatment was far more ineffective at reducing the look of wrinkles.


To reduce the appearance of your wrinkles and actively protect your skin from developing new fine lines, try the BIO-CLOCK Activation Anti-Aging System. Get results for a fraction of the price of a salon LED light bed treatment.

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