Should You Be Worried about GMOs in Your Food?


GMOs are genetically modified organisms and they are sprouting up everywhere in the food industry. But are they safe? Should you avoid them? The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) deems them safe, but the truth is there isn’t enough research yet to determine what GMOs do to our bodies long term. So, the choice is really up to you when buying food at your local grocery store.

What exactly is a genetically modified organism? The process of GMOs basically takes genetic material or DNA of one plant and transfers it to another plant. This could mean the new plant is more resistant to pests, can grow in harsh weather or has a new nutritional profile. The main foods that have GMOs in the USA right now are corn, canola, cotton, and soybeans so keep a close eye on those products if you want to avoid GMOs.

Critics of GMOs claim that we don’t know the long-term safety and they can actually increase food allergies, especially in young children. The FDA counters that this hasn’t really been proven.

So, what do you do if you are unsure and want to avoid GMOs for the time being? Here are a few tips:

  1. Look for a USDA organic seal because organic foods are not allowed to contain GMO ingredients. Watch out for products that say they contain organic ingredients because they may not be fully organic and still contain GMOs.
  2. Watch for a no GMO seal. Then you know for sure they don’t contain GMOs.
  3. If you are really unsure, call or email a company to verify if the product contains GMOs or research before buying.

What do you think of GMOs? Let’s discuss! Do you avoid buying them in food products or do you feel they are safe?

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