Raising Eyebrows: Eyebrow Tattooing and Embroidery

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Eyebrow trends tend to change over time – sometimes the trend is thinner and higher arched, at other times the trend is fuller and more natural. Unfortunately, over the course of our lives those thinner trends may leave us unable to grow our brows back to a fuller state. Also, with age brows tend to lose some volume anyway, leaving fuller brows to make a woman look more youthful. Since the current trend is toward fuller, more natural brows, are there alternatives to brow powders, pencils, and waxes that can give you fuller brows without all the fuss and daily effort? Eyebrow tattooing and eyebrow embroidery are two techniques that can give you more lasting results.

Eyebrow Tattooing

This technique is considered a “permanent” cosmetic, although touch-ups might be necessary every couple of years if colors fade. Just as it sounds, standard tattooing techniques are used to create brow strokes and fill in bare spots and create a fuller shape. Like regular tattoos, this is a very permanent solution and cannot be easily reversed. As a result, it is critical that you find an expert that comes highly recommended. Make certain to ask to see photos of prior work to make sure that you find a licensed professional who can give you the results you are hoping to achieve. You may wish to start with a minimal application to fill in bare spots before committing to completely done brows. It’s much easier to add than it is to take away!

Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow embroidery, also called 3D eyebrows or micro blading, is a much newer technique that uses a very fine blade to push semi-permanent pigments into the surface of the skin to mimic fine hairs. This technique can last up to two years, but may need periodic touch ups. Eyebrow embroidery can offer a more natural look even at a very close distance, but since it is a newer technique it may be more difficult to find a qualified professional. Once again, make certain to find reliable references and look at plenty of photos of prior work before choosing the right professional for you.


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  1. Lily Amato

    Pls i need to try this as a trial and how..thank you

  2. Jodie

    how do brow tattoo look changes with age? I am 59 and have sparse eyebrow. I hate doing a daily application of penciled brows. Somedays they don’t even match.

  3. CB Authentic Skin Care

    We recommend consulting with a specialist how about the process will work on you specifically.

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