How to Shape Your Eyebrows

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How To Shape Eyebrows

Creating the perfect eyebrow shape depends on the natural arch of your brow. Trendy eyebrow shapes come and go, but following the natural curve of your own brow is classic and easy to maintain. Less plucking and waxing is always a good thing!


Here are our tips for shaping and maintaining your eyebrows:


Find Your Shape

Let your brows grow out for a few weeks (or as long as you can) to reveal the natural shape of your brow. This step may seem daunting for some, as people with dark, thick brows feel that they are well acquainted with their natural shape. If that’s the case, try to integrate this practice as you maintain your eyebrows–try not to over-pluck!


Create Boundaries

In order to decipher where your eyebrows should begin and end, use your tweezers as a guide! Hold your tweezer, with the pointed end straight downward, next to your nostril. Where the side lands between each brow is where your brow should begin. This trick is useful because tweezers are often shaped to be thicker at the top, and pointy at the bottom, so you know your brows are not too far apart. To find the end point of your brow, hold the tweezer pointy-side near your nostril at an angle going toward the end of your brow. Angle it so that the tweezer intersects where the line of your eye ends. Pluck the hairs that fall outside of these boundaries.


Brush and snip

Before you start cleaning up your arch, be sure to brush out your brows and snip any long stragglers. It helps to clarify the lines you want to define. To do this, you can use an eyebrow brush, or just wash off an old mascara wand that’s kicking around the bottom of your makeup bag. Brush the hairs upward and snip individual hairs along the top that stand out.


Mark the Top of Your Arch

Looking straight into your mirror, use the side of your tweezer to determine where the edge of your iris is, as it corresponds to the point on your eyebrow. For many, this happens to be the same point that your arch reaches its peak. Mark this with an eyebrow pencil.


Pluck Prep

To make the pluck as painless as possible, try warming up your skin with a hot washcloth, taking care not to erase the mark you’ve made for the point of your arch. As you pluck, stretch the skin and pluck in the direction the hair grows at its base. If necessary, there are numbing creams, such as pediatric dental numbing gel that can alleviate your pain.



Starting from the point of your arch, taper the ends of your brows to a point. In order to maintain your brow’s natural integrity, don’t over-pluck. If you have thicker brows, don’t feel like they need to come to a single-haired point.

To decrease redness or swelling, try icing your brows after you’ve finished, or apply aloe vera gel. To enhance the shape you’ve artistically crafted, use a brow pencil or shadow one shade darker than your hair color to fill in any gaps and make them stand out.

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