Get Your Best Summer Skin


We all know how important sunscreen is for the health of our skin, but when you want that extra sunny glow, it can be tempting to lay out for a few hours. Showing a little extra skin in the summer is a must, especially when it’s hot outside. Here are some little-known tricks to giving your skin some more sunshine.


Sunscreen that’s tough on SPF, but not oily

Sunscreens can protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays, but in order to look your best, don’t waste your time on sunscreens that leave you oily. When the oils build up, they can block pores, diminishing the overall healthy glow of your skin. With so many different sunscreens to choose from, find one that works for your skin type.


Tinted moisturizers, bronzers, and self-tanners

For a little extra help in maintaining your tan, invest in a self-tanner or tinted moisturizer that’ll keep your skin looking young and radiant. In combination with this, protect your face by using makeup with SPF in it for those days that you don’t spend too much time outside. To complete your summer makeup routine, don’t forget to reach for a lip balm with SPF in it as well. Rosy red lips are classic, but not if they’re chapped or burned.


Protect your part and scalp

Big floppy hats are the summer statement accessory that also protects your scalp. We sometimes take for granted how much UVA/UVB exposure the top of our heads get in a day. A burned scalp means you’ve burned the root of your hair, and healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp.


Take cold showers

Cool off at the end of a hot day in the sun with a cold shower. Hot showers can dry skin out further, and you want to make sure that you’re locking in as much moisture as possible. Cold water can also help close pores to keep inflammatory dirt out.


Keep an aloe plant in the house

If all else fails and you do get a sunburn, nature has supplied you with a remedy! The gel inside the spikey leaf of an aloe plant is the purest form of healing aloe, so skip the artificial products that can have unnecessary preservatives in them.

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