Feminine Facial Hair

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Feminine Facial Hair


It happens to millions of women as they age, but it’s hardly ever talked about: feminine facial hair. Whether it’s your mustache or in random patches, unwanted facial hair is more common than one may think. Despite what heavily photoshopped magazine models may lead you on to believe, you’re not the only one in a hairy situation.


If you choose not to embrace your new look and want to remove or reduce the appearance of facial hair, there are countless options to consider.


Here’s what you can do to Tackle unwanted feminine facial hair:


Just A Few Hairs:

  • Tweeze: If there’s just a few stragglers that pop in for a quick hello once in a while, consider taking a tweezer to the problem. Always tweeze at the root in the direction the hair grows in. You can try loosening the hair follicle with a warm wash cloth, and use the stretch and pluck method for extraction.
  • Thread: Threading doesn’t just have to be for your eyebrows! Many salons even offer to remove unwanted hair like sideburns during a threading session. Be aware that threading is similar to shaving, in that the hair is not removed from its root. The hair might grow back with a darker appearance, giving it a thicker look.


Fine But Dark Hair:

  • Hair removal cream: Also known as depilatories, hair removal creams and gels can be an effective choice, as long as you do not have sensitive skin. The chemicals may be too harsh for your skin type, and starting with a patch test is always recommended.
  • Bleach: Many women find that simply bleaching their facial hair periodically is enough to set their mind at ease. Be sure to use as instructed so as not to damage your skin with any chemicals.
  • Wax: Though painful, waxing keeps those hairs away for longer than several other means of hair removal. If you choose an at-home treatment, it can be one of the most cost effective way to tackle unwanted facial hair. Be wary of salons that use hot wax, and always check out online reviews and references before committing.


Dark and Thick:

  • Laser: It’s the most expensive, but also the most permanent. Laser hair removal rids your body of hair by using the beams to decimate the hair follicle and stop hair growth at its source.
  • Electrolysis: Sometimes dermatologists recommend this method of permanent hair removal when the candidate’s skin is unsuitable for laser hair removal. It destroys the root of each hair follicle with an electric current, instead of a laser.
  • Prescriptions: there are prescription strength creams your dermatologist can recommend for treating facial hair by gradually slowing the growth cycle. Birth control pills can also have an effect on body hair growth. Estrogen and progestin are hormones that can help slow excessive hair growth.


And Whatever You Do, Don’t…

  • Shave: While it’s a myth that shaving will make the hair grow back thicker and quicker, it will cause it to grow back darker. Darker hair can look thicker, which is where the perception comes from. Shaving can also irritate your skin or cause it to bleed. Don’t fall victim to this quick fix when there are so many other options!

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