Earthing: Can it help ground you?


The holistic health movement of Earthing has caused a lot of people to get outside, while also sparking debate about the science behind the practice. It consists of walking barefoot on the earth to theoretically neutralize your body’s electrons and lower free radical damage. Interestingly, there have been a handful of studies that support these theories.

Reconnecting with the Earth can help improve mental health through hiking or spending time relaxing outdoors. The big question is whether or not direct contact with the ground can impact your physical health. It’s thought that exposure to electrons can lead to health problems, and receiving positive protons from the Earth’s surface can mitigate those problems.

It’s possible that Earthing helped subjects in a few studies achieve better sleep, less pain, reduced stress, and healthier immune systems. Earthing may even help slow aging as free radicals in modern daily life can cause inflammation that can lead to premature aging. Though more scientific studies must be done before you ditch your shoes forever, it’s always a good idea to spend some more time in nature.

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