A Work Out – for Your Face?

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Face Exercise

It would seem logical that since working out can make your body tighter, following a facial workout would help tighten and reduce wrinkles in your face as well. But it doesn’t quite work that way…


Working out the muscles in your body is different than trying to work out the muscles in your face, and though the idea that we can reduce wrinkles and sagging with facial exercises isn’t new, it hasn’t been proven to work.


Many facial lines, like our “laugh lines,” come from using them. The deeper the laugh lines, the happier you are then, right? Well, let’s hope so. Science shows us that overusing certain facial expressions, including our “frown lines,” can cause wrinkles, then working the facial muscles won’t take fine lines and wrinkles away.


If you are unhappy when you look in the mirror, break down what is bothering you:


If you want to battle back against fine lines and wrinkles, the best way to combat them is through a healthy diet, hydration, moisturizing, and wearing sunblock.

  • Dehydration is a serious enemy to your body. It causes long lists of issues that include wrinkles, so make sure that you are drinking plenty of water every day.
  • Using a quality moisturizer goes a long way in protecting your skin and giving it a soft and smooth appearance. Make sure that it’s also a product that has sun protection, like our Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Recapture 360 Day Cream, which provides SPF 30 in addition to its other benefits!
  • Reduce wrinkles and puffiness in your eye area with our Close Up instant wrinkle reducer & treatment. This formula helps to instantly blur imperfections, and illuminate and tightens your skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just minutes.

You can also get wrinkles when you are constantly stressed. Take time out in your day to check in, relax and breathe.



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