Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Whether you tweeze it, wax it, shave it, or laser it off, unwanted facial hair is a battle many of us face. It also seems that just when you’ve reached a point in your life when your brows thin and you wish they would grow back fuller, unwanted hairs can start popping up in places they never grew before! What to do? There are many methods to deal with this issue – find one that’s right for you!

Tweezing/Threading – Both methods pull hairs from the follicle. Tweezers are a familiar method to most, but threading might be new to you.  Threading uses thread that is looped around each hair in a lasso method to pull the hair out. Pulling the hairs from the root can be painful, but both methods allow for a great deal of control over individual hairs. Many women opt to tweeze at home, but both tweezing and threading can be performed quickly by a trained professional in a salon. Over time, skin becomes desensitized and removal can become easier and less painful.

Sugaring/Waxing – Both are quick and relatively long lasting. Each pulls hair from the root all at once, requiring carefully planned shaping.  Hot wax must be used with extreme care and is best done by a professional to avoid burns. The results may last up to six weeks, but they can cause redness and irritation that may take up to a day or so to subside.

Depilatories – Chemical hair removal only dissolves hair at the surface, so it generally only lasts a few days and can irritate sensitive skin.

Shaving – May need to be performed daily and can cause ingrown hair. Electric razors can be gentler on the face.  A side benefit is that shaving can be a great exfoliator!

Laser Removal – This medical procedure can be expensive and works best on dark, coarse hair. If this method is right for you, it may take several sessions before the hair follicles become destroyed and hair removal will remain permanent. For some, it is worth the expense to have skin that remains smooth and hair free!


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