Beauty is Truth: Beauty Truths!

Beauty Truths

There are many accepted “truths” about beauty as we age that we may have heard over the years, but which do you believe? Sayings become adages when there is truth to them, but let’s have a look at the truth behind some of those things your mom used to say!

Cut Your Hair

Some people think that long hair is for the young and that you should cut your hair once you reach 40, but why?  There can be good reasons behind this, but they don’t apply to everyone. For many women, hair can lose shine and bounce with age and it may thin because of hormonal changes, so shorter hair may look fuller and healthier. For some women with skin that is starting to sag, long hair may visually drag your face down, so a shorter cut may make you appear more youthful. Still, if you keep your hair in great shape with conditioning treatments and regular trims, you might be one of those women (like Christie!) who can rock long locks for long after your peers have shed theirs!

Dress Your Age

As we age, our bodies change. The clothing we wore in our youth may not be as flattering as it once was and that fact can require adjustment. But what if your healthy lifestyle has kept you in great shape?  Do you still have to wear long skirts and less clingy clothes?  Do you have to ditch your bikini just because your birth certificate says you should? No! You should always dress in a manner that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Be realistic about your figure as you age and realize that your body will change over time. You will always look best when you dress to realistically consider your own best features and flaws.

Take Your Makeup Off at Night

Always!  This is one of those beauty truths that you should always follow. Your skin’s healing process takes place at night, so clean, moisturized skin is a must before bed. This is when Christie’s Bio-Clock Activation System routine does its best work to fight signs of aging, so never compromise!


Beauty is as Beauty Does

Another hard and fast truth! Kind acts and a generous, loving spirit make any woman beautiful – beauty starts from the inside out!



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  1. Lori Pastel

    Hi and thank you for the tips I do appreciate them. I want to give another thank you for Christy’s Skin Care I’m so glad to have a skin care that finally works.
    Lori Pastel

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