Slow Down, Step Back

Slow Down Step Back


Balance is a wonderful thing and can help you maintain your sanity when you get caught up in a busy life. It’s not easy at first, but balancing your time and priorities to lighten your load is worth the effort it takes. There are likely some things that you alone must complete, and that’s fine – tackle the most important tasks first. But then take a pause and be honest with yourself about some of the other things on your list that you could delegate to someone else.


Being everything to everyone often leaves you depleted and overwhelmed, but it doesn’t have to be that way, so ask for help when needed and consider putting yourself first sometimes.


The stress and anxiety that comes with feeling overwhelmed affects our body, mind, and spirit, but there are ways to pull back and refocus:



  • Exercising helps relieve stress and anxiety and inspires you to eat healthily
  • Walk to your destinations as much as you can to move your body and clear the mind.
  • Try yoga, which helps keep you limber, strong and centered.
  • Eating a healthy balanced meal gives you more energy in the form of good fuel.
  • Every day, breathe deeply. Take a long deep breath, hold it, and slowly release. Repeat at least 3 times. Use as needed for relaxation.



  • Getting organized helps calm that running list in your head. Get tasks down on paper and enjoy checking them off as you go.
  • Delegate and ask for help to ease your load.
  • Prioritize, and then eliminate the tasks that are not essential.
  • Learn to say, “Sorry, I’m not available.” when you are overburdened and you’re asked to work on something that is not a priority.
  • Every day list three things you are grateful for.



  • When you wake up, take a moment to sit quietly or meditate for a few minutes each morning.
  • Be involved in charity work that feeds your soul.
  • If you are religious, find time to go to your place of worship or volunteer there.
  • Give back to others with simple gestures: a compliment, a hug, a moment to listen.
  • Literally, stop and smell the roses, or jasmine, or orange blossoms. You get the idea.


Life moves fast and often it’s jam packed, but it should also be enjoyable. Check in with yourself, try to focus on the imperative tasks, evaluate your other commitments, and take time out every single day to have a quiet moment with yourself.



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