Plump Up! How to Make Lips Look Plumper

Plumper Lips


Love a plump look?  Most women do when it comes to their lips!  Unfortunately, as you get older your lips tend to lose volume, appearing thinner and smaller than they did in your youth. Some women turn to enhancements like injectable fillers to regain that lost volume, but this fix is temporary and needs to be done every four to six months. While this may be a great option for some, there are also other non-invasive ways to enhance your lips and make them appear fuller, poutier, and more youthful.

3D Lip Contouring

3D lip contouring is a quick and fairly simple method of applying lip liner, lipstick and gloss to give the appearance of more fullness.  Choose a lip liner a shade slightly darker than your lipstick and a gloss a few shades lighter.  Line top and bottom lips pushing to the very edge of the lip line and then draw a line down the center and middle of each side of the bottom lip, and on either side of the top lip up toward the peaks. Apply lipstick by pressing (rather than sweeping) into lips and add a light, shimmery gloss to the center of the bottom lip.  A lip brush may make the application even easier. Need a little guidance on the process?  Check Pinterest and YouTube for tutorials on lip contouring – the internet is full of tutorials that can help you get the full, kissable look you crave!

Plumping Lipstick/Gloss

Are you looking for more than just visual tricks? You can temporarily plump lips with plumping balms or glosses that will swell lips and make them fuller. Curious about how they work? These enhancers actually use irritants like cinnamon oil or capsaicin (an ingredient in hot peppers) that irritate lips to cause lips to swell slightly.  They also cause a mild stinging, tingling sensation that you might not enjoy, but this is one of those beauty trade-offs! Combining this type of balm or gloss with 3D lip contouring might be perfect for you on special occasions when you want a more dramatic pout.


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