Top Makeup Tips for 30’s 40’s & 50’s

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Top Makeup Tips

Women can use makeup to enhance their beauty at all ages, but to look graceful at every age, certain helpful hints can help you look your best! Your thirties is an ideal time to start an anti-aging skin care regime like Christie’s Bio-Clock Activation System to help combat the signs of aging. Combine it with these hints to help keep you looking your beautiful self in every decade!



Whether you’re working a career, raising children, or some combination, the thirties can be a busy time when women start feeling more confident in their skin. The insecurities of your teens and early twenties can lend way to a new confidence and stride. You may be busy and on the go, so adopt a makeup routine that works for you by working up a standard daytime makeup look that takes ten minutes or less. Use that time to accentuate and play up your best features and look polished. Are your eyes your best feature? Play them up with a sweep of shadow, a quick lash curl, and carefully applied mascara. Love your lips?¬† Find that perfect daytime lip color or stain and focus on the perfect lip. Evening or “date-night” looks are the time to spend a little more effort. Experimenting with newer trends like contouring kits, ombr√© or matte lips and luminizing powders can give your look a fun lift.



When you reach your forties, you’ll want to start adjusting your makeup styles to suit your changing look. You may find that the shimmery eyeshadow you wore when you were younger may accentuate crepy skin – matte shadow can be more flattering. Conversely, lip stains and matte lipstick can make older lips look dry and dull. A richer creamier shade in a flattering shade of rose or pink can be best in your forties. A dot of gloss in the center of lips can give the illusion of added fullness and keep them looking youthful.



Less is more! As our faces and skin mature, makeup can settle into lines and make you look older. Apply makeup with a lighter hand and use softer, lighter colors to brighten your face. Remember that you want your beauty to shine through – not your makeup. Skin tends to become drier with age which can cause even more lines, so make sure your foundation is creamier than the one you used in younger days. Just make sure to apply evenly so that it doesn’t settle and crease. A foundation brush can really help! Also, using cream blush instead of powder can help keep that dewy glow.



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