Spring Cleaning? Clean Out the Clutter!

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Spring Cleaning


Just hearing the words “spring cleaning” can get you motivated to clean all your windows and let in the fresh air. But what if the clutter in your home is stopping you from getting a fresh start on the new season? How do you tackle the chore if you’ve been hanging onto clutter just a little too long? Don’t fret – here are a few guidelines to make the task easier and less daunting. The “three pile” method can help you clean out all the recesses of your home and give you a fresh start this spring!



Decide what to keep and really take a hard line. If you don’t love it, use it, or if you didn’t even realize you had it, get rid of it. If this pile is larger than the other two, you need to go back and try again!



If you don’t want it or use it but someone else might, put it in the “give” pile. If you know someone who might want it that’s fine! Otherwise, it should be donated to charity. Just make sure that friend or relative actually wants your castoff! Sometimes we have intentions to give something away, but that thing never makes it out of our home and we just end up storing it indefinitely. Schedule a charity pick-up a week after you’re done sorting. Anything that hasn’t been relocated has to go in the donation pile for pick up.



Some things just aren’t worth keeping OR donating, but what if you have a sentimental attachment to it? Is it worth it to take up space in your home and your life when it’s no more than a memory? The easiest way to bust the clutter is to take a good clear photograph of that thing you want to remember. An album of these “memories” on your phone take up no space in your home and can help you part with those stored objects you’re having trouble giving up



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