Filling in the Gaps

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The shape and density of women’s eyebrows have been a part of fashion, movies, and style for ages. The pencil thin look of the 1920’s, the arched thin look of the 1950’s, the full natural brow of the 1960’s and then a mixture of styles in the 80’s and 90’s have all made an impact on beauty trends.


A well-shaped eyebrow can draw attention to features that you love! Differences in the shape of your eyebrow can change the perception of the beauty of your eyes, forehead, and face overall.


Though the bold but manicured brow is back, it’s not always easy to obtain. While some people have naturally thick brows, for others it is more of a challenge. Patches due to over plucking, thinning hairs, or aging can make it hard to get the look you want.


For a fuller look, here are some steps to fill in the gaps:

  • Make sure your brows are clean and dry
  • Brush your brows up and outward along your brow’s natural lines
  • Use a pencil or tinted gel that matches your brow color
  • Fill in any bald spots using light soft strokes
  • Don’t press too hard or go too dark to keep a natural look
  • Brush your brows again to blend
  • Use a little translucent powder around the edges of your brows for a finished look


Tending to your brows can be challenging and often is left to professionals for brow waxing or threading. Unlike tweezing or waxing, threading removes rows of hairs at a time using a thin string and uses a technique that is fast with little pain and discomfort.


There are a few do’s and don’ts when you are tending to your eyebrows:

  • Don’t rush- it’s easy to over pluck if you are pressed for time
  • Make sure you have good lighting
  • Avoid using magnifying mirrors
  • Start with a brow brush
  • If you are just maintaining, pluck the stray hairs only
  • Look at yourself in the mirror at the same distance as you would if you were speaking with someone to get the proper perspective
  • If you over pluck, fill in the spots using the steps listed above


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