Lifting Women Up



This is a wonderful time for women to be alive, and a time of unprecedented strength and power.  When women get together, we can make a huge difference in politics, medicine, science, education, the arts, business, and whatever else we want to!


Unfortunately, body shaming is all too common, and one of the most destructive patterns in our society. Sadly, the practice is sometimes both subtle and glaring, and is seen in all aspects of life. Body shaming is seen on television, in ads, and a part of everyday talk and life. What’s worse is that people are sometimes completely unaware of what they are doing, saying, and thinking, and the long-term damage that it can cause.


What is it? Put simply, body shaming is comparing, commenting, or judging ourselves or other people based on looks alone. Everyone has probably at least thought of something like this once or twice in their lives:

“Wow, she’s so skinny.”                    “I’ll never look like her.”
“She’s way too big to wear that style.”      “Look how much she eats.”


These seemingly little comments are in fact very harmful and degrading. It changes how we think of ourselves, as well as others.


When we need to be pulling ourselves up we are often tearing each other down, but there are ways to change these habits that are ingrained in our society, and that often start at a very early age.




  • It’s important that we recognize what we are saying, thinking, or doing in the moment, in order to curb the behavior and mindset.
  • Comparing ourselves to others is unnecessary and hurtful. There will always be someone who you may think looks better than you, but you are an incredible, special, and wonderfully unique person. Don’t take away from how awesome you are by trying to live up to an impossible standard.



  • When you see or hear criticism of others, you don’t have to stand idly by. Standing up for each other is how we get out of the cycle of negativity and judgement.
  • Teaching young kids that they should be proud of who they are and that their looks do not reflect their worth should be a top priority. Changing the habits and mindset of the next generation is what will work to eradicate this self-destructive behavior.


No matter what, we need to stick together and lift each other up. We should all be a constant reminder to each other that we are talented, beautiful, creative unique people. When we start to see ourselves and one another with appreciation and gratitude, we find peace and joy.



  1. Hannah Elworthy

    Yes positive thoughts and smiles to share uplift everyone around. Work on it! Let the love flow and we’ll beat the hate

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